Sonlet Party albums are automatically created based on the styles and sizes of items you add to the Party. This works great most of the time, but sometimes you really want more control over albums.

With custom Party albums you can create albums with any name and add any items from your listed inventory into the albums.

To create a party with custom albums, just create a new Party and uncheckĀ the "Auto Group" checkbox on the Party creation form:

After creating your Party, you'll have a "Manage Albums" option in your Party menu:

As well as a "Manage Albums" button on the Party overview page.

From the Manage Albums page you can click "Add Album" to create an album:

Then click "Add Items" to add items to your new custom album:

On the "Add Items" screen you can select multiple items by clicking on them, or using shift+click to select a range of items:

Once you have items in an album you can drag-and-drop to rearrange and get things looking just the way you'd like.