Seller FAQs

  1. How do I start using Sonlet Shops?
  2. How will I know that Sonlet Shops is enabled for my account?
    • You'll receive an automated confirmation email when you enable Sonlet Shops.  You'll also see "Sonlet Shops" in the main navigation of your account on  If you don't receive the email within 2 hours, please contact us and we'll manually enable Sonlet Shops for your account. 
  3. How much does it cost to setup a Sonlet Shop?
    • Anyone with a consultant account on will be able to setup a Sonlet Shop.  Consultant accounts are available for free for 14 days and then cost $9.99 per month.  You can cancel your Sonlet subscription anytime. 
  4. Is it hard to setup a Sonlet Shop? 
    • Absolutely not. If you’ve used Sonlet before, it’s as easy as setting up a Party page, except you don’t have to take pictures or add inventory first.  All of the items available to be added to a Sonlet Shop are already there and available.  If you’ve never used Sonlet before, then setting up a Sonlet Shop is about as hard as setting up a Facebook page, where you name your shop, add a cover photo, and contact information, and add the products that you’d like to offer in your Shop. 
  5. Can I setup more than one Sonlet Shop? 
    • Yes.  Sonlet Shops are meant to be light and easy to setup, so that you can create themed shops (blouses, skirts, shoes, blue, pink, comics… the possibilities are endless) or specific shops for events, customers, or parties. 
  6. Can I see which styles and sizes are available to be added to a Sonlet Shop before I signup? 
    • Of course!  This is a Sonlet Shop that includes some of our favorite products that are available as of the time of writing this response.  We're always adding more vendors and vendors are always adding more products, so create a consultant account to check  them all out. 
  7. How have you been able to get so many brands to participate in Sonlet Shops?
    • Because of all of our wonderful Sonlet users, clothing suppliers have been excited to work with us.  With more than 75K Sonlet sellers, we’ve been able to offer these suppliers an attractive online marketplace for their products.  Suppliers are especially excited by the opportunity for sellers to promote their items on Facebook and other social platforms where shoppers are increasingly more likely to make purchases. 
  8. How do my customers pay?
    • Your customers will be able to pay with any credit or debit card right on Sonlet.  Sonlet will collect the funds and distribute your commission directly to the bank account that you connect to Sonlet. 
  9. How much will I earn in commissions?
    • Right now we anticipate that you’ll earn 30%-35% of the retail price of the item (not including shipping and sales tax).  You’ll be able to see how much commission is available for the sale of each item when you add an item to a Sonlet Shop. 
  10. How will commissions be paid?
    • When you setup your first Sonlet Shop, you’ll be required to add your personal bank account information and select how frequently you’d like excess funds on Sonlet to be paid out to your account.  Payouts occur automatically on the schedule that you set.  You can also have funds deposited to your account instantly (before your standard payout is scheduled) for a small additional fee. 
  11. How quickly do suppliers ship my customers items?
    • Suppliers are required to ship your customers items within three (3) business days from the date that an order is received.  Items are typically delivered to your customers address within 1-3 days after the item ships.  
  12. Will my customers receive shipping tracking status updates? 
    • Yes! We’ll send your customers a shipping tracking email automatically as well as provide the shipping tracking link right on their Sonlet Shop Dashboard.  You’ll also be able to track each customers order right from your Sonlet Shops dashboard.
  13. Who will handle shipping costs?
    • Sonlet will automatically calculate USPS postage from the supplier to your customer address in Sonlet, collect the shipping charges, and provide those funds to the supplier to ship your customer’s order directly to your customers.
  14. How do my customers return items?
    • Customers will need to contact you (the Seller) directly to process returns.  You’ll be able to process returns right on your Sonlet Shops Sales page.  The reason you select on the dashboard for the return will determine how you should handle the return.  If a customer contacts Sonlet directly, you will be notified so you can approve the return. 
    • Suppliers are responsible for any returns due to shipping the incorrect item or manufacturing defects.  You’ll just need to provide pictures of the items that were shipped incorrectly with hand written time stamps to Sonlet and the Supplier to process the return and get customers a full refund. Your commission would be debited back once the return process for the amount you approve is completed. 
    • You will need to set your own return policy for your shop, so you can clearly communicate with customers how you’d like to handle returns for items that do not fit or that the customer decides he or she does not like, and you’ll be responsible for the wholesale cost of returned items.  Because you'll be responsible for the wholesale cost of returned items, we recommend working closely with your customers to help them order the correct size and color.
  15. Do I have to handle sales tax for Sonlet Shops orders from my customers?
    • No, Sonlet will handle calculating, collecting, and paying sales tax associated with your customers orders. 
  16. Will I receive a 1099 for my Sonlet Shops commissions at the end of the year?
    • Yes.  All payments and commissions are processed via our 3rd party merchant processor Stripe.  Stripe will automatically generate a 1099 for you to include your commissions with your annual tax return before the 1099 form is due to you by the IRS deadlines. More details about where to find your 1099 will be provided when they are available.  If your commissions do not exceed the minimum threshold for generating a 1099 (which is typically $600) you may not receive a 1099. 
  17. Does Sonlet have non-compete agreements or any other restrictions on selling? 
    • There are no non-compete agreements for Sonlet Shops sellers.  You can sell with as many or as few companies as you’d like.   There are some standard restrictions about where you can sell Sonlet Shops items which you will be able to read in our Sonlet Shops portion of the terms of service.  In summary you are not permitted to offer Sonlet Shops items on Amazon, Ebay, or on inappropriate sites, such as those that sell illicit items (illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia) and adult only content (like pornographic sites).  You are encouraged to sell Sonlet Shops items anywhere else, including social media, other websites, and other online marketplaces. 
  18. Can I use Sonlet Shops if I sell for another direct sales company?
    • We encourage you to consult the specific policies and procedures of your company.  Each company's policies are different.  Even if your company does have a non-compete agreement, Sonlet Shops will have a variety of items to offer, from clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories, so even if your company does have a non-compete you may be able to sell items through Sonlet Shops that complement your company's items (such as offering shoes or jewelry that match a blouse or skirt), which will provide a better shopping experience for your customers and allow you to meet more of their fashion needs. 
  19. Do you disclose the name and contact information of those that use Sonlet Shops to third parties?
    • Absolutely not.  We will display the shop name and shop owner’s contact information on the Sonlet Shop page.  If would not like your name and contact information displayed, you are free to change the name and contact information in your Sonlet account (or use a "doing-business-as"/DBA name).  We will never intentionally disclose personal information to a third party unless we are ordered to by a court of law.  Our specific privacy policy is provided in detail here.
  20. What happens if my customer disputes a credit card transaction from a purchase?
    • We’ll automatically respond to credit card disputes on your behalf.  However, if the credit card dispute is lost, and the customer’s funds are returned to their card, then we’ll also deduct the commission associated with the purchase from your Sonlet account balance and we may deduct the dispute charge assessed by the merchant processor of $15.
  21. Does Sonlet offer any team selling incentives?
    • At this time, Sonlet does not offer team selling incentives.  We're giving as much of the commission as we can to the seller of the item, rather than keeping profit to distribute to up-lines.   In the future, we will release an affiliate program that will pay referral bonuses to those that refer new shoppers and sellers to Sonlet.
  22. Is this meant to replace my current direct sales company?
    • No.  Sonlet Shops is meant to support the many independent retailers that use our services in their current roles, whether that is as an independent boutique owner or as a consultant for one of the many direct sales companies that we support with Sonlet.  Use Sonlet Shops however it works best for you and your business, which, we understand, may be to ignore it entirely for some people.  For others, using Sonlet Shops may be a means to continue supporting your customers when you can no longer pay for inventory in advance or you don't have time to handle stocking and shipping.  And for even others, Sonlet Shops may help you establish your own independent retail business where you carry some items as inventory and others you fulfill via drop ship.
  23. Can I become a Sonlet Shops vendor?
    • Yes. If you are a professional wholesale company that offers clothing, apparel, or fashion accessories, and you are able to ship orders directly to end customers, we'd love to chat.  Please email us at or submit a ticket to our amazing customer support team, and they'll make sure the right person gets in touch.