We're offering our loyal Sonlet Shipping Labels users a free upgrade to pro or business!  The offer was first made available on December 12, 2018 and is still in force. 

Who's eligible?

Any user with a Sonlet basic account ($9.99 per month) or higher that has an active Sonlet shipping labels add-on such as the $9.99 per month unlimited shipping labels plan or one of the legacy shipping labels plan, is eligible for a free upgrade to pro if they have an active basic subscription or a free upgrade to business if they have an active pro subscription.  The free upgrade will remain valid as long as the user continues their shipping label add-on.  Users with the Pay Per Label shipping labels plan are not eligible for the free upgrade.

What's offered?

Eligible users will receive a free upgrade from Basic to Pro if they have an active basic subscription, or they will receive a free upgrade from Pro to Business if they have an active pro subscription. 

How to Redeem the offer?

Upgrade your account to either Pro or Business from the settings page then send an email to Sonlet customer support with the approximate dates that your shipping labels add-on has been active with Sonlet.  Our team will verify that you're eligible for the award, refund any amounts you paid to upgrade and add a discount to the subscription so you're upgrade is free going forward!  Please be patient with our amazing customer support team, as we will prioritize responding to other support tickets prior to upgrade requests... we anticipate that the longest you'll need to wait is  3 - 4 business days, so you won't have to wait long!