You can add multiple products to your shop at once.  It's easiest to add prducts to your shop at once if you keep in mind the collection or the facebook album name that you'd like to use to organize your products.  You can use things like product type (tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.) or product color (green, blue, brown, white) as collections. 

Here are your step by step instructions for adding multiple products to your shop at once: 

  1. Navigate to the shop that you want to add products from your Shops Home page
  2. Click the add products link
  3. Search for the items you'd like to add to a collection or to a single Facebook album (if you're doing album sales). 
  4. Click the pink plus button to add the items that you'd like to your tray.  Add as many items as you'd like to the tray, but only include items that you'd like in a single collection. 
  5. Once you've added all the items to your tray, pick a collection or create a new collection
  6. Click Add to Shop. 

Voila!  It's that simple.  All the products in the tray will be added to your shop for your customers to browse and purchase.  You can then sync (or resync) all the items to Facebook from the Shop view.