Here are the steps for syncing your Sonlet Shop with your Facebook Group photos

  1. Open your shop on Sonlet Shops from the Sonlet Shops home page
  2. Click the "Sync to Facebook" button underneath the shop name.
  3. Click the refresh button to ensure that Sonlet has all the Facebook groups where you're a member or admin.
  4. Select the Facebook Group where you'd like to sync.
  5. (Optional) Review the albums and photos that will be synced.  Sonlet creates an album for each collection of items in your Sonlet Shop.  You set the collection when you add items to your shop.  If you need to edit the collection, return to the Shop, click "Edit shop", remove the product and then click "Add products" to re-add the product to the shop with the correct collection.
  6. Add a message to your photo sync.  The message will be added as the first comment on the photo.  Use the curly brackets {} to have Sonlet Shops automatically add the name, price, and claim link to the comment to make it easy for your customers to shop.
  7. Click "Sync to Facebook".  The sync status will turn green as soon as your shop has been synced.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to create a ticket or send our awesome customer support team an email at