Sonlet payments allows Sonlet users with a seller account to collect payment from shoppers by either (1) sending invoices from the Sales page or (2) collecting credit or debit card payments from the Done Shopping page.  Sonlet automatically calculates and collects sales tax, shipping expenses (after the sellers configures this), and has the best merchant processing rates around.

Setup Sonlet payments from the Billing and Payments settings in your Sonlet account by clicking "Connect with Stripe" under Payout Settings.

Sonlet payments has two modes: (1) Claim only and (2) Collect payment with Sonlet.  The default mode is "Claim only".   Select the mode from the Billing and Payments settings. 

In Claim Only mode, your customers will only add their name, email, and shipping address when they claim an item. You will invoice the customer later from the Sales page. 

In Collect Payment with Sonlet mode,  your customers will pay for the items they claim right on the Done Shppping page using a credit or debit card.  You will not need to send additional invoices later.

Regardless of the mode that your Sonlet seller account is in, the shopping experience on Sonlet will be the same for your customer.  Check out the following articles for more in-depth tutorials for setting up and using Sonlet Payments with your Sonlet account: