Sonlet payments makes it easy to send invoices to your customers, so you can collect payment quickly and efficiently for your business.  Invoices automatically calculate, collect, and file Sales tax for your business.

Before you send invoices, you'll need to connect a bank account to Sonlet. 

To send an invoice: 

  1. Navigate to the Sales Page, and identify the order that you'd like to invoice.
  2. Click the "Invoice" button on the order.
  3. Review the invoice and click "Save and send" to email the invoice to your customer. 

The following advanced settings are available on each invoice: 

  • Custom line items - Add custom line items to charge for additional items on the invoice
  • Include shipping - uncheck this option if you'd like to remove the automatically calculated shipping expense on the invoice
  • Email customer - uncheck if you do not want Sonlet to automatically email an copy of the invoice to your customer.
  • Automatically email receipt when paid - uncheck if you do not want Sonlet to automatically email a receipt to the customer once the invoice is paid.

You can also add a custom header image and footer terms from the Invoice settings on the Billing and Payments Settings page.

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