When you are ready to post your items, go to your Inventory page, and select the items you would like to post.  

You can do one style at a time. Scroll down and select your group and albums.  

Right under your albums selection is a Message box. You will add your claim link in this box.  

An example claim link is found right next to the Message box. You can use the one provided, or create your own by clicking Manage in the upper right corner.  Any original claim messages will be saved for future use. Choose the claim message you would like to use.  You can type in a new message, or click on the tiny clipboard next to the link and that will copy the link.  Then, paste this link in your Message box.  

If you are creating your own it could look something like this:

 Click to claim this {item} {description} {price} {url}  or this: Click to claim this item for {price} +tax & shipping {url}

The information in the brackets {  } will be autogenerated for you when the link is posted.
Make sure you add the {url} at the end because that is what creates the actual link. Be sure all code words are enclosed in brackets and are lowercase. You can click Show Formatting Help for some tips. 


This video will walk you through this process.