To edit your items individully, go to the item in your Inventory and under the Actions header, click More. This will give you the option to Edit. 

This will take you to a screen you can edit your item details.

You can edit the album, the size, the price, add a description and even update the photo. You can also update the purchase date to keep your inventory up to date. Be sure to click submit to save your changes. 

You can edit your item's style, size, added attributes as well as the pricing of your items in bulk on your Inventory page as well as the Listings page. Select the items you would like to edit. On your Inventory page, you will see an Edit button at the top of the table. 

On your Listings page, you will see Edit Selected at the bottom of the table.

Either of these buttons will take you to where you can edit your selected item(s).

Update wholesale pricing in bulk: