If you want customers to shop your Sonlet inventory online, but off of Facebook, you will need to create a Sonlet Party, then add the desired inventory to the Party.  The system will then generate a link you can share with your customers however is convenient.  You can post to both Facebook and a Sonlet Party at the same time if you wish!

To create a Sonlet Party, go to your Parties page.  Click the green Create Party button. 

Add a Name and Cover Photo for your Party.  

Choose to make your Party public or private (customers would need approval to shop).


Select if the Party is open for shopping, or you can add a start/end time to your Party. 

The Party name will then appear on your My Parties table.  

To add inventory to the Party, your items must first be listed.  You can click the Menu button to the right of the Party name, and click Manage Items, which will allow you to add inventory by size and style, or add your entire listed inventory.  

If you would like to be more selective on which items you would like to add to the Party, go to your Listings page.  

Select the items you would like to add to the Party, scroll down and click Add Selected to Party.  Select the Party name and confirm. 

You can find the Party link by clicking the clipboard icon next to the Party name, which will copy the link that you can paste at your convenience.  

Or, to view the Party link, click the Menu button to the left of the Party name, and click Manage Approvals.  At the bottom of that screen, you will see the Party link. 

The tutorial for creating an Sonlet Party is here: