To print QR codes, first be sure your items are listed. Go to your Listings page. It is easiest to print the labels by style. 

Select the items for which you would like to download QR codes. Scroll down and click Download QR Code Labels for Selected. 


You will be able to select which labels on the sheet you would like to print to. Click Download.


A PDF file will be downloaded to your device. You can then print the labels. 


Note: All printers are different!  And they all require different settings to print labels correctly. If your QR codes are not printing correctly, you will probably have to play with your printer settings. Make sure you have unchecked the "Fit to Page" box. Check the paper size, and be sure it is set to 100%.


Be sure your items remain listed when scanning the labels. You can scan the labels using any QR reader mobile app. Once scanned, the system will take you to the Claim Page for this item in your Listings. You can then mark the item as Sold Outside of Sonlet.


Here you can add the item to a recent order, select a previous customer’s information, or add the new customer information. This will move that item over to your Sales page, where you can then proceed to invoice and ship the order.


Take a look at this blog article to see how one consultant utilizes the QR codes for her business!

This tutorial video will also walk you through using QR codes: