Facebook is very vague and opaqe on their rules for how they weigh different types of requests. We do know from our experience that some requests use up more quota (such as photo uploading), and some use less quota (such as listing albums in a group).  

**Every time the Sonlet system must request interaction with the Facebook system, this request uses up some of the Facebook quota.

Listing albums in a group is an example of requests made to the Facebook system that many consultants are not expecting.  As you switch between different groups, Sonlet makes a request to Facebook to get a list of the albums available.  

Most of the time you'll be able to "borrow" unused quota from other consultants since not all consultants are using the system at the exact same time.  If you see a notification, just be aware that it is just for your information and to help consultants be aware of the fact that Facebook quota is a precious resource!  Your posting/deletion requests may be slowed down as you continue to use up requests, to promote fair use of the Facebook Quota to all consultants. 

If the Sonlet system is experiencing heavy traffic with many consultants requesting actions and using up Facebook quota, the system may slow to comply with Facebook's quota restrictions.  Please watch the System Status to be aware of peak posting times, which will help you avoid heavy traffic times when the Facebook quota is being used up, and the system may be slowing to not overreach the Facebook quota.