This is an error message returned by Facebook when they determine that you're doing something too "fast".  This "something" is generally posting or deleting photos.  Facebook is very opaque about the rules and how they apply to different situations, but there are some common themes that we've noticed:

  • If you accidentally queue a bunch of items for posting to a group where you are no longer an admin they tend to block you more aggressively.  This might happen, for example, if a multi-consultant group removes you as an admin after a sale is done and then you accidentally try to upload there.
  • If you post a lot of items to a lot of different groups.  You should try to avoid loading to more than two or three different groups per day to be safe.
  • If you post a lot of items per day.  If you're getting this error message often then you should consider posting fewer photos per day.  There's no set number, Facebook applies the limit differently based on your history on the platform.  You'll need to experiment until you find the right amount of photos for your account.  If you're still getting the error message you need to post fewer photos.