Once you have posted your items to a group or a Party (or you have manually listed your items), your items will be listed. Even after being deleted from the group or Party, the items will remain listed. Leaving your items listed gives more efficient access to quickly post these items again. With your items listed, you can post them to Facebook from the Listings page, or with SmartPost. Your listed items will also be available to be posted to a Sonlet Party. 

However, there are times you will want to return your items to your Inventory page. To do so, go to your Listings page.  

Click the Sell tab at the top of the screen. Then click Listings. 

Then, select the items you want to move. Scroll to the bottom and select Cancel Selected.

If these items are correct, click the red "Yes, cancel selected" button. Your items will be removed from Facebook, if posted, from all groups and moved back into your Inventory.