Once you have photographed your new inventory, you upload it to Sonlet on the Inventory page. 

Under the Sell tab, click Inventory to go to your Inventory page. 

Click the blue "Add Inventory" button.

Once on the next screen, choose the style album and size. Once you have chosen the album, the wholesale and retail prices will autofill. Please verify that the pricing is correct before moving on. 

After verifying the price, click the green Select files button to upload your new photos. You can upload more then one photo at a time by selecting multiple photos using either shift + left mouse click or clicking the check box on the desired photos. 

If you would like to track the date that you received your inventory, update the purchase date. If you are uploading an item that you have a duplicates of, you may want to upload just that one image. Then you can update the quantity that you have received of that item. (Note that you can you only increase the quantity upon initial upload.)

Once complete, click submit to finish uploading new inventory or click "submit and add another" to add another style or size. 

Take a look at this helpful tutorial video on adding new inventory to Sonlet: https://www.useloom.com/share/8bb3cfc61ac64e568b45c887eef25fdc