If you posted your photos in a Facebook group and the photo albums with your inventory have been deleted from Facebook, you should use this feature to remove dead links from your Listings and Sales pages. This process will NOT remove photos from Facebook. If you need to delete photos, you can learn more about deleting photos using Sonlet here.


You may have noticed that when you delete a photo album on Facebook, Sonlet still has links to those photos in your Listings and Sales pages even though they no longer exist on Facebook. Not only do these links start to pile-up on the Listings and Sales pages, they can cause Sonlet to make invalid Facebook requests for those non-existent photos when you refresh sold comments, delete photos, or cancel your listed items. This burns up your Facebook quota allotment and increases your chances of being thrown in Facebook jail. Facebook more aggressively flags these "invalid" requests, so avoiding them is good for staying off the radar.


Once albums are deleted on Facebook, you should use this page to clean up those links and avoid invalid Facebook requests. First select the group, then choose Listings, Sales, or both with the checkboxes. Choose the albums individually or click "unlink all" to remove dead links. If you choose to remove the links from your Sales page, you will not have the leftover link to tell you where the item was claimed. You can remove old links from any group where your items were posted (you no longer have to be an admin).


If you have valid links in the group you have selected, they will show as red at the bottom of the clean-up page with their own controls. You can unlink photos from an active album—however you will lose the ability to delete or refresh sold comments for the item(s). This would be useful for a group where you won’t remain a member but you know the albums will be deleted soon. Warning: if someone claims an unlinked item, you will have a more difficult time determining where the claim came from unless you use a different service to collect comment data.

Here is a helpful tutorial video* that will walk you through this process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsDGItilSFU
*This video was made before the admin-only requirement was removed. You do not have to be an admin to clean-up links.