You might just need to wait a minute or two for Your items currently posting to Facebook to be updated. It only gets updated every few minutes.

If Your items currently posting to Facebook says "0" then you might need double-check the date, time, and timezone for the items that you thought were supposed to be posting. You can do that by visiting your Manual listings page for the items in question. On that page you can hover your mouse over the Facebook post queued text to see the date/time/timezone at which the item is scheduled to post.

If Your items currently posting to Facebook says something other than "0" then your stuff should start posting soon. The delay between scheduled post time and actual post time depends on how busy the system is.

If your items are not posting for a significant amount of time, you may want to check for errors on your posts.  Go to your Manual Listings page, located the items, and under the Facebook/Party Links header might be a red Facebook Error notification.  Hover over this notification, and the full error message will pop up.  You can also check your Facebook Doctor page for recent Facebook error messages. This article has a list of common error messages: