With the Facebook update that occurred at the beginning of August, Facebook has disabled photo deletion from all 3rd Party apps, including Sonlet. We, along with others, are continually working with them to reinstate this ability. . Please vote on the bug report to help get some more attention on this issue. https://developers.facebook.com/suppo…/bugs/281309702603971/

Since we prioritize posting over deletion it can take some time (generally a few hours) for photos to be deleted. If Your Facebook photos due for deletion says "0" then the system already tried to delete your photos. If they still aren't deleted then there must have been a Facebook glitch, or you were removed as an admin of the group where the items were posted. If none of those things apply to you please send an email to support@sonlet.com with the following information about 1 or 2 of the items that failed to delete: Facebook photo URL, group and album names, and the Sonlet claim link.