Before you can post to Facebook, you need to install the Sonlet app in your Facebook group first. This article shows the process in detail. 

You have a few options for posting your albums to Facebook.  When on your Inventory page, you can post by style.  Select the style you would like to post, then select the items.

Scroll down and enter the group name, and the album name, or Create New. 

You can then add the claim link to the Message box. This link will walk you through adding the claim link.

You can also customize your Claim Form.

Then, you can click to post your items now, or schedule a post for later.  

If your items have been moved over to your Listings page, select the items, scroll down and click Post Selected to Facebook.  

The same options of choosing a group, album, and adding claim link will appear.  

Another option, if your items are on your Listings page, is to use SmartPost.  


SmartPost will draw listed items, and automatch them to albums that are already created in the group, or you can create your own albums. (2016)

More instructions are also available on our blog at…book-with-sonlet.html