You can create empty Facebook albums in bulk. You'll see two tabs on the SmartPost page: Just albums and Just albums (with size).

Click Just Albums, or Just Albums (with size). For each album you'd like to create, change the "[Do not post]" drop down to "Create New".

Add a cover photo.  

If you would like to add albums for styles you do not carry, or do not have listed, scroll down to the bottom of the table.  You will see a field you will be able to create albums for those styles that are not in your Listings.  

Select the name of the style. Click Add Custom.  You will be able to add an album name and cover photo.  

You'll also see a shortcut called "Add suggested retail pricing to album names" which will append the MAP price to your album names.

Finally, choose a time to post. You can either post the albums right away with "Post now" or schedule them to go out later with "Post later".

And that's it! Happy posting!