So what are these new "attributes" things? Attributes provide you with a way to associate arbitrary bits of information with your items. You can use attributes to customize items further than just style/size. You can define *any* attributes you want for your items, so get creative!

Some examples of attributes you could use:

Collection: Valentine's
Collection: 4th of July
Collection: Elegant
Pattern: Floral
Fabric: Wooley Mammoth
Country: USA
Color: Blue
Color: Green
etc. etc. etc.

Attributes are visible on the customer claim page, as well as the Inventory/Listings/Sales pages. Some other fun things you can do with attributes:

- Use the new {attributes} keyword in your Facebook message to have a list of item attributes inserted into the message.

- Use the table filter box to search for items with specific attributes. For example, if you only want to post your red leggings you could go to Manual Listings => type "Color: Red" in the search bar => Bob's your uncle!

You can add/edit attributes on the inventory add/edit screen, as well as from a new "bulk edit" page. Attribute names and values are auto-completed based on previously used attributes. The new bulk edit page is accessible via a button at the very bottom of your Inventory page, or from a button on the bottom of your Manual Listings pages. Bulk edit only works for attributes at the moment but we'll be adding support for other item properties (e.g. price, size, etc.) as well very soon.

This video will help you see how to add attributes to Capsule Collections, like Halloween, Americana, or other collections!