Sonlet is merely a platform to help independent consultants to post, manage, organize and track their business.  We have no information on their individual sales and business transactions.  You will need to continue to try and contact your consultant.  If you do not have their email, try to contact them through a Facebook Message. 

Please be aware that nearly every time that there's an incident of items not being shipped it turns out to be the result of an honest mistake or a family emergency. Please try to contact your consultant first. 

Also, remember that this web site is not affiliated with LuLaRoe, LLC, or any other Direct Sales company. For product returns, please visit the the LuLaRoe Happiness web site (, or contact your consultant.

If your consultant is uncooperative and you used a non-LLR payment processor (e.g. PayPal, Square), you should dispute the charge with your bank as well as the payment processor that was used for the transaction in addition to filing a report with us.