When Sonlet doesn't show your groups and/or albums to load photos to Facebook, the first thing to check is our basic troubleshooting article for groups here.

When you experience the specific problem of your VIP group being excluded from the list, we've noticed that it's usually because a business identity is the only admin in the group.

To solve this issue, make your personal profile an admin in your group and then sync Facebook in Sonlet using the little square with circular arrows under the blue Facebook logo. You should see your group in the drop down and be able to post there.

More details:
When your business page admins your VIP group, it's difficult to keep all the permissions straight in Sonlet. Facebook defaults to your personal account; you have to choose to "post as LuLaRoe Your Name". Using the correct profile with the correct permissions is crucial to error-free posting. Because Facebook defaults to your personal account, that's the best one to use with Sonlet. Otherwise you have to commit to remaining logged in as the business for the duration of any function Sonlet performs on your behalf involving communication with Facebook.

As always, if you need any further assistance with this or any other issue, please contact the customer service support staff through freshdesk.