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You can add multiple quantities per item, so you'll now see one (1) item with a quantity of three (3).

Add quantities from the Add inventory page. You can store multiple quantities with each Style / Size combination, rather than creating separate items with a quantity of 1.

  • Quantity column. You will see a quantity column has been added on the Inventory and Listings pages.
  • Show Items with Zero Quantity button on Inventory and Listings pages. Just click the button to display the items that have been sold and have a quantity of 0. Select items and remove your photos from Facebook from here or from the Sales page.
  • Claim button. The claim button will stay visible as long as there are items in stock (quantity > 0). If customers want to claim more than 1 item, they just need to click the claim button multiple times.
  • Facebook posting. Sonlet posts one (1) picture to Facebook for each style / size item. For example, if you have an item in stock with a quantity of five (5), Sonlet will post 1 picture to Facebook (not 5 pictures). The claim link and item on Sonlet will stay active until the item is sold out (quantity = 0).
  • Comment selling. Comment selling works the same as claim links, and exactly as you'd expect. When you refresh sold comments from the Sold Comments page, you'll be able to select an item and mark it as Sold Outside of Sonlet.
  • Sold Outside of Sonlet. When you mark an item as Sold Outside of Sonlet it will work exactly as you'd expect, by decrementing the quantity by 1. If there are more items available, you'll be able to sell the other items by a sold comment, a claim-link, or on a Party page. If you sell multiple of the same item to a customer, you'll need to mark the item as Sold Outside of Sonlet multiple times. (Don't forget the Select Recent Order shortcut from that page)
  • Deleting items. Once you've sold an item, you will not be able to delete it because this will also delete the record of the sale. Once the item is sold out, Sonlet will automatically hide the item in your listings and inventory page, and you can remove the Facebook photos. If you insist on wanting to delete the item (not recommended), you'll need to refund payments, cancel the sale, and then delete the item.