Loyalty rewards cards just got social!!

We've just pushed an update to the Loyalty Rewards feature that allows you to share a link with your shoppers to help them get a rewards card started with you. You can share this link on your group to help generate interest and build a loyal customer base.

To find the links for your rewards programs, just head on over to your rewards page. You'll find the link there, along with the usual handy little copy button.

You can then share the link on your VIP page, your customer newsletter, or however else you communicate with your customers.

When your customers click the link they'll be taken to a page where they can join the Rewards program. After clicking Join they'll see what they need to do to achieve the reward.

Previously Rewards Cards were only generated for shoppers *after* they claimed something from you. By using the Join link you're proactively giving your shoppers an incentive to shop with you. Note that the old behavior of having rewards cards generated on demand is still there. Your customer don't *have* to use the Join link in order to participate in the program, it's just to help grease the wheels.

The attached GIF will walk you through the Join link process.  Be sure your customers follow the instructions all the way to the end of the process, by clicking Join to join your Rewards Program.  Many customers miss that step, thinking if they login, they have completed joining the Program.