As you all know, Facebook can be a bit of a pain to work with sometimes... We created Sonlet Social in response to the Facebook issues that have come up this year. Of course, Facebook is not going away. We're still committed to providing a first-class experience with our Facebook integrations, but the changes they've been making have been disruptive to your businesses. We've heard your concerns, and we believe that Sonlet Social is the answer!

So what can you do with Sonlet Social?? It should be a pretty familiar "social network" experience, but here's a quick overview of some of the main features:

  • A social timeline is shown on your dashboard, and on the new "Social" page. Updates from people you follow will show up on your timeline.

  • You can feature items and parties on your Social Profile page. Featured items and parties are pushed to your followers and are also shown in the "Shop" section of your Social Profile page.

  • When someone likes or claims an item from your inventory it gets pushed to your followers. (Currently only works for party claims/likes. Social updates for regular claims/likes are coming soon).

  • You can post status updates with pictures, links, etc.

  • You have a new-and-improved bio with more formatting options (which you can edit from your Social Profile page).

  • Hash tags, comments (including real-time updating), @-mentions.

  • "Suggested" users to follow. Suggestions are currently based on previous claims and likes (so we'll be suggesting to your existing shoppers that they follow you).

  • You can also share your Social Profile link with your shoppers (on your Facebook group, for example). To get your Social Profile link, visit and then copy/paste the resulting URL from your browser address bar (mine is for example).

These are what we considered to be the "bare-minimum" features needed to launch. We'll be building in a ton more functionality over time including more content sharing options (rewards programs, etc.), and integrations with third-parties.

Here are some links to get started: