Printing shipping labels for your Bless orders is really simple with Sonlet.  You'll just need to download a CSV file of your orders from Bless and upload them into Sonlet. Here's a quick demo video and step by step instructions: 

  1. Open your Bless account and navigate to Sales > Complete Orders.  Edit the date of the orders that you'd like to print using Sonlet, click "Search".  Click the Download CSV button. 
  2. Open your Sonlet Shipping Page, click "+ Create from Bless CSV", and click "Upload CSV".  Select the CSV file that you downloaded in step 1 on your computer and click open.
  3. Click create label for each Bless customer address displayed, select your label, download, and print. 

If you've never used Sonlet Shipping labels before, it's easy!  Check out our complete tutorial of Sonlet Shipping labels