Custom Party Albums will give you more control over the albums in your Parties. Regularly, when you add items to a Party they are automatically added to albums based on each item's style. With Custom Albums in your Parties side-by-side with automatic albums, you can fully customize your Party. 

Custom albums can contain items of any style, giving you more flexibility in organizing your Parties. Time to get creative and make your Party stand out!

How to use Custom Albums

The Listings page now has an album dropdown when you are adding items to Parties:


(Note that the album selector is only active when you have one Party selected. If you have multiple Parties selected then the items will go into the "Auto" style-based album.)

You can also add your items to Custom Albums using the new Party SmartAdd screen. Just click Sell -> Listings from the site menu and you'll see the new Party SmartAdd tab:


From the Party SmartAdd screen you can add your items to Custom Albums or regular style-based albums. If you're an admin in the Party you can also create new Custom Albums from this page.


Party admins can also create albums in bulk using the new Manage Albums Party page. Just click Sell -> Parties in the site menu, then click a party drop-down menu and then Manage Albums, like so:


Here's a quick tour of the feature in action:

How does it look to shoppers?

Custom albums are seamlessly displayed inline with automatic albums, sorted alphabetically. Shoppers won't be able to tell the difference between a custom album and an automatic album.

How is this different from the previous "Manual Parties" feature?

Custom Albums are similar in principle to the legacy Manual Party functionality. However, legacy Manual Parties were tedious to manage and didn't play nicely with regular Sonlet Parties. When you created your Party you had to choose whether it would be fully manual, or fully automatic. With this new Custom Albums feature you get all the benefits of an automatic album Party plus full control over additional albums, all seamlessly integrated together.