The recommended method for installing the browser extension is through the Chrome Webstore, using this link:

Manual Installation (experts only)

The Sonlet User Plus extension is Open Source software.

If you'd like to install the extension manually (before the webstore listings are approved, or if you'd like to inspect/edit the source) you can clone the source repository and load it as an unpacked extension in your browser. Please see the source repository for details.


After installing the extension, you can start "linking" your Facebook groups to your Sonlet account. You can only post to Facebook groups that you have linked.

How to Link a Facebook Group

To link a Facebook group that you admin to your Sonlet account, go to the Group settings page for that group:

The URL of the settings page will look something like this:<facebook_group_id>/edit

Note that you need to be an admin in the group to be able to see the Group settings page.

While on the group settings page, click the Sonlet User Plus extension icon in your browser toolbar:

Note that if you already have some extension installed, Sonlet User Plus might be pushed down under the "puzzle piece" menu:

After clicking the Sonlet User Plus toolbar icon, you should see this screen:

Click the big blue button to link your group. If all goes smoothly you should see a success message. Your group is now linked!

Selecting a Group and Album for Posting

After installing the extension and linking a group, you should see the group in the drop-down selector on your Listings page:

After you select a group, you may need to refresh albums. Note that the album refresh process opens a new Facebook window. Please leave the window open and visible until Sonlet User Plus finishes its work (it will close the tab automatically when finished).

Once you've refreshed your albums list, you can select a target album from the album dropdown, and POST AWAY!