Some users have reported having sold items popping back up on Facebook (sometimes long after they've sold).  Our engineering team has spent days (literally) poring over the code trying to figure out how it could happen.  From what we can tell the issue is specific to Facebook (i.e. things randomly pop back up on Facebook, but they don't actually go back into the consultant's available inventory).  Furthermore, some users have had things pop back up on Facebook from before they were using Sonlet.  This issue is affecting non-Sonlet users as well.  Some examples:

Facebook reposting old photos? Glitch causes confusion

Turns out ‘delete’ doesn’t quite mean the same thing to Facebook as it does to you

So it seems fairly conclusive that it's a Facebook bug.  Having said that, we would love to figure out if there's anything we can do to mitigate the problem, so we're always open to collecting details about occurrences of this issue.

A few variations of this problem include:

  • The item had previously sold but the consultant cancelled the sale from their Sales page (possibly accidentally).
    • Resolution: be careful with sale cancellation.  Remember that there's a separate button for removing Facebook photos.  You should only cancel a sale if the customer backs out.
  • There were multiple copies of the same image uploaded to the consultant's inventory (sometimes using the exact same image file, sometimes using two very similar-looking images taken back-to-back).
    • Resolution: be careful not to upload photos of the same item twice.
  • The item was entered as "Sold Outside of Sonlet" and returned an error message that was missed. This most often occurs if the $ symbol is used in the price field. 
    • Resolution: be sure to check for the green confirmation message after performing any action in Sonlet--especially when entering a manual sale. Do not use the $ symbol for any pricing info.

Reporting the Issue

If you see items in your Facebook groups reappearing that you have already sold, please mark the item as SOLD and leave it up in the group. This will help the support team investigate the item. 

Next, send in a ticket using the following template:

Claim link of original (from your Sales page):

Claim link of duplicate:

Facebook photo URL of original:

Facebook photo URL of duplicate:

**Please note:  If you pull up both items next to each other and they are the exact same picture, but they have different ID's, then these photos were uploaded two separate times.

Each time a photo is uploaded into Sonlet an item ID is attached to the item.  If it is really the same item reappearing, both items will have an identical picture and have the exact same ID number.

There isn't a way for an old item to receive a new ID number unless it was uploaded again (most likely accidentally).


Also, REALLY look at the photos and see if this same item could have been photographed and uploaded twice. Check if there might be a little different lighting or a sign in a different place.