At this time, the only way to get rid of albums that are To Be Created is to allow them to post to Facebook. The easiest way to do this is to choose a time between your Parties/sales and have the album post. You will need to add at least one new item to the album to post it. If you need to create an album right away with this title, you will need to make a slight change to the title to create a new album with that title. Once the album that is To Be Created posts to Facebook, you can immediately delete it. The album will no longer show in your group in Sonlet as To Be Created. This will allow you to choose that album title again for future albums.  Here are specific step by step instructions that you can follow: 

1. Go to the Facebook Group where you were going to post albums and make sure to add the Sonlet app

2. Go to your Manual Listings page and click the blue Logout button.  Then click the Login Button again to refresh the settings. 

3.  Select any item and post it to the album that says To Be Created"by selecting the album and click List and Post to Facebook Now.  Repeat for every album that needs to be cleared out.

4. As soon as the item posts, it should clear out the To Be Created status and you'll be all set to continue posting to Facebook with Sonlet.  You may delete the item from Facebook as soon as it posts.