You may have heard people suggesting that you should create multiple Facebook accounts to deal with Facebook posting issues.  This is actually good advice as long as you don't "mix and match" Facebook accounts with Sonlet accounts.  You should only use one Facebook account per Sonlet account.  It can be useful to create a fresh, new Facebook account to use as your dedicated Sonlet account, but don't try to switch back and forth between Facebook accounts.  When you do the initial switch to your new Facebook account just make sure that you don't have any queued Facebook posts and that you won't need to delete any Facebook photos for listed items.  An easy way to do this is to just unlist all of your inventory (from your Manual Listings page).  You'll also need to make your new Facebook account an admin in the groups you want to post in.

Bottom line: you should stick with one Facebook account at a time.  If you're having Facebook posting issues you can refer to the articles in the Facebook section of the Knowledge Base.  If you're still having troubles we're just an email/chat away!