I'm sorry you are receiving the "going too fast" error!  This is actually a Facebook error that is getting kicked back to you.  Facebook has flagged your account as "going to fast."  Facebook is very opaque about it's parameters, but we've found this could mean you have been posting/deleting a lot of pictures, loading into too many groups, or making too many Facebook requests too quickly.  Facebook has blocked loading through your Sonlet account for a time.  You can still load your items manually to Facebook, only posting through your Sonlet account has been blocked. 

The wording of the "going too fast" error can be misleading.  Facebook will send this error whenever it has flagged your posting pattern as spam.  Something about your posting is drawing this Facebook flag. 

Unfortunately, attempting to post through this particular error can make the block last longer.  Previously, we would recommend that you cancel your queued posts and allow your account to rest for 24 hours before posting again.  We have had a new change in the system to help limit this error.  The new change has added an email and Sonlet notification alert notifies you when the system has spotted the "going too fast" error from Facebook, and has cancelled your queued posts for you, to avoid the system automatically attempting to keep posting those photos and exacerbating the block. We still recommend you allow your account to rest for at least 24 hours, and then begin to post slowly.  An example of posting slowly is: only post a portion of your inventory, post using SmartPost in waves of posting instead of all at once, alternate between and Sonlet Party and Facebook groups, or alternate between posting manually and using SmartPost. You can also try posting with "ghost albums", which has a video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMHXWbLtH-Q.  You can also try posting with a Sonlet Party, to avoid these Facebook errors completely. 

Here is a post on our blog.shoptheroe.com that goes more into depth on this error and the reasons Facebook has put it in place, and how to avoid it in the future: https://blog.shoptheroe.com/2017/02/facebook-going-too-fast-cool-stuff-you-should-know-about-avoiding-the-facebook-error.html

Here is an article from our Knowledge Base on this Facebook error: https://shoptheroe.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/16000047120-what-does-it-looks-like-you-were-misusing-this-feature-by-going-too-fast-mean-and-how-do-i-fix-it-