Business plan users can enable Custom URLs for parties.  So instead of sending your shoppers to a cryptic link like<crazy_number>p/ you can pick your very own vanity URL, like

Using a custom URL for your party is a great way to make your party stand out from the crowd!  The shopping experience is the same as regular Sonlet parties.  Your shoppers will login using their usual Sonlet login credentials, no need to create a new account on your custom site.

To enable a custom URL for your party, just check the "Custom URL" box on the party add/edit page and pick your URL:


You can also check the "Reduce Sonlet branding" box to show a minimal header bar without the Sonlet logo.  You can combine this with a custom party header to create a fully branded/whitelabeled experience for your shoppers.

The format for custom party URLs is:


You can pick any value for SUBDOMAIN (as long as it's not already take by another retailer).  The list of supported TOP-LEVEL-DOMAIN values you can choose from is:


In the future, we're planning on adding the ability to bring a domain name that you own (e.g.

Custom party URLs are another building block you can use to offer a first-class e-commerce experience to your shoppers.  Combine that with reduced Sonlet branding, a custom party header, payment processing, and your own Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracker ID (under "Advanced options") and you're poised to offer a first-class retail experience with a personalized look-and-feel, payments/invoicing, and a proper marketing pipeline.

Now get out there and PARTY ON, party people!

Note that custom party URLs are only available on Business plans.