To connect your bank account to Sonlet, you'll need the following : 

  1. Sonlet consultant account
  2. U.S. bank account, with either the Bank routing and account number OR the debit card to the account.   Using the bank routing and account number are recommended because it facilitates processing refunds. 
  3. Cell phone number to receive a text message to set up 2-factor authentication

Once you have this information, connect your account by logging into your Sonlet account, navigating to the Billing and Payment Settings page, and click "Connect with Stripe".   You'll be redirected to Sonlet's page on  Click "Get started and add the information requested". 

Sonlet payments does not require a credit check, keeping track of a separate credit card, or pre authorization or minimum account thresholds.  All funds are deposited directly to the bank account you connect to Sonlet.

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