Sonlet payments will automatically calculate earnings, make daily payouts when your customers pay you, and allow sellers to process refunds for payments made to their business through Sonlet.


  • You can find the earnings for each invoice or payment by identifying the order on the Sales page, clicking the green "Invoice" button, and identifying the consultant earnings line under consultant actions.
  • Earnings are calculated automatically as follows: Total amount invoiced less merchant processing equals consultant earnings. Merchant processing fees are detailed on the Pricing page.
  • Earnings are aggregated at the end of each day and automatically paid out to your connected bank account.


  • Sonlet automatically pays out consultant earnings daily after your customers pay you and the funds clear from the credit card company or financial institution.  You can find payouts from your Payouts dashboard.  If the link above doesn't redirect you to the correct page, navigate to the Billing and Payments Settings page, and click "View Payouts Dashboard".  While most payouts will occur the next business day, it may take two business days to see funds in your bank account.
  • The payouts dashboard allows you to view the total daily earnings (Balance), change the account where payouts are delivered, and provide an accounting of all your previous payouts.


  • You can process a refund for any payment that you receive through Sonlet by identifying the order on the Sales page, clicking the green "Invoice" button, and clicking the "Refund this invoice" button.  Enter the amount you'd like to refund and click "Refund Invoice".
  • Refunds will decrement any balance you have on your Payouts Dashboard.  If you do not have a balance on your Payouts dashboard, you must have a bank account connected to the Payouts Dashboard to process a refund (rather than a debit card).  Sonlet will automatically transfer funds from your connected bank account to your balance on the Payouts Dashboard to cover the amounts refunded to the customer.
  • You can never refund more on an invoice than the customer paid.
  • There are several fraud protection limits set when refunding on Sonlet.  If you are unable to process a refund send in a ticket or email, and we'll help you process the invoice manually.

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